LandlordsNY Property Management Symposium

New World Stages

December 14th, 2016

LandlordsNY LIVE

In a unique twist of the usual real estate events and expos, the LandlordsNY Property Management Symposium was created to assist landlords and managers...period! This private event is only open to LandlordsNY Members.

This is the only conference designed solely for you!


8:00 – 8:45: Registration, strictly Kosher hot gourmet breakfast, coffee, and networking!

Juice bar, breakfast bakery, yogurt bar, and hot breakfast station

  • Scrambled farm fresh whole eggs
  • Texas french toast with warm maple syrup
  • Home fried potatoes
  • Coffee stations

What won't you find? Stale donuts, coffee, or conversation.

8:45 – 9:00: Welcome Address with LandlordsNY CEO J'Nell Simmons

Learn tips for screening prospective tenants in the digital age and why a credit score is no longer enough.

Hear what's new in the LandlordsNY network including a tutorial on how to use the site's newest member-only offering that's being referred to as "the perfect multifamily lease."

The LNY Lease is a free tool available for LandlordsNY members to create their own leases. It is available for both rent stabilized and free market use. The lease includes updated language to address items such as short-term rentals, all while offering legal advice with each step.

What's new in 2016 and beyond for LandlordsNY members (hint: it's not just a New York thing anymore).

9:00 – 10:15: Increasing the Value of Your Building Through Reinvestment

Moderator Michael Vinocur, President of Building Equity Management, talks with our panel of landlords--whose portfolio sizes range from 16 units to over 1000 units--about the case for continued reinvestment in one’s own properties. From small cosmetic upgrades to major renovations, the panel will discuss why giving up some cashflow now, and plowing that money back into what you already own, is a sure path to wealth generation over the long run.

Panelists will be asked to candidly share their financial rational for such investments. Is there a minimum return they must see? Are there certain intangibles that they can use to rationalize making some improvements such as better tenant longevity and fewer maintenance issues downstream?

Among the varied sub-topics we hope to discuss will be:

  • Major Capital Improvements (MCI’s) — What qualifies, what are the benefits, and how has the law changed of late?
  • Individual Apartment Improvements — What kind of documentation must you keep and issues with TPU audits
  • The value of cosmetic upgrades to to lobby finishes, lighting, mailboxes, stair treads etc.
  • Specific recommendations, some of which cost you nothing, for adding amenities and services to increase revenue.
  • Potential value in adding amenities — Laundry, security system, electronic entry, boiler monitoring systems, etc.

With cash in the bank earning near 0% and with commercial mortgages available for well under 4%, why not put your money to work in your own building when you can often make double digit returns?

Moderator: Michael Vinocur, Building Equity Management


  • Ajo Kurian, Vice President AKAM Associates, Inc.
  • Christopher Wang, Two Kings Real Estate
  • Joanna Wong, Henry Realty Management
  • JP Rutigliano, J & L Holding Corporation
  • Christine DeHart, Owner/Operator and CPM

10:15 - 10:35: The Economics of a Solar System in NYC

In sticking with the theme of “reinvesting into your property” we are going to take a look at solar energy. This includes a basic introduction to how solar works, debunking some of the myths out there and presenting all the solar benefits and advantages over other renewable energy sources. Members have been asking about the economics of solar and we listened! This presentation will show the monetary economics of a solar system.

Speaker: Ronnie Mandler, Best Energy Power

10:35 – 11:00: Networking break, coffee, hors d'œuvres

While you enjoy our Kosher hors d'oevres please visit our sponsoring vendors' displays. LNY Certified Vendors are local, reputable and LandlordsNY member recommended. There are special offers and giveaways to those members in attendance including iPads, management software programs and of course our two $1000 Amazon gift card giveaways at the conclusion of the event.

11:00 – 11:50: What’s Missing in your Multi-Family Lease? Filling in the Blanks that Aren’t There!

A session introducing the new LNY residential lease creation tool!

  • The language in this new lease is plain and easy to understand.
  • The lease is comprehensive and is drafted to consider many recent developments in the law, including preventing tenants from engaging in short-term rentals such as those arranged via AirBnB.
  • The online interface for the Residential Lease Creation Tool is easy to use. No weird PDF form fillers here!
  • As you use the Residential Lease Creation Tool, you are prompted to make choices, which result in a customized lease to fit your needs. Each choice presented comes with an educational pop-up, which helps you make the best choice.
  • The produced lease is visually appealing, and gives you the option of saving it in Word format so that you can further customize it.

In her presentation, Michelle Maratto-Itkowitz will walk the audience through using the Residential Lease Creation Tool and give a short lecture on the impact of each of the major choices, including:

  • Is it better to include multiple tenants on a lease in a roommate situation? Or just one tenant?
  • How enforceable is a No Pet Option?
  • Should you have an Attorney’s Fees Clause in your lease? Think again!
  • Prevent Illegal Short Term Leasing via your lease language!

As always, the presentation will be accompanied by an informative booklet, which will also be available online.

Speaker: Michelle Maratto-Itkowitz, Itkowitz, PLLC

11:50 - 12:10: Department of Buildings Changes you Need to Know

The DOB recently made sweeping changes in the midst of the ongoing NYC construction boom and recent incidents. We will review some of the major changes coming down the pipeline this year and uncover why keeping tabs on DOB construction compliance isn't just for big buildings anymore.

Speaker: Kristen Hariton, SiteCompli

12:10 - 12:30: Networking Break

Grab a protein bar and fresh cup of coffee because you won't want to miss Part 2 of LandlordsNY LIVE!

12:30 - 1:30: LandlordsNY Forum LIVE!

Our most popular session at every event! For every landlord scratching his or her head over a question or problem, there is another landlord who has experienced that same problem and has the solution. LandlordsNY connects the two! We have assembled landlords of varying portfolio size and experience for this interactive session. This is certainly not a 30,000 foot state-of-the-market overview.We will discuss tangible, practical, applicable advice with plenty of time for audience questions. There is a tremendous amount of expertise in the LandlordsNY membership. This Symposium is about bringing it out. Some of the topics include:

  • Smoothing cultural and personality divides between building staff and building personnel.
  • Managing expectations in high end buildings and co-ops.
  • Bedbugs! The practical, realistic scoop on getting rid of them and how they have changed the culture of buildings.
  • Managing for foreign (or absentee) investors.
  • Certificates of Insurance for your commercial tenants.
  • How do you screen your tenants? Do you use a software or a company? Do you permit brokers to do this for you?
  • Are owners seeing an influx of violations in certain geographic areas? What are you doing to combat the City? What companies are you using for monitoring and expediting?
  • Buyouts
  • Leveraging Technology in Multifamily Management
  • How to rent vacant apartments

Speaker: Aida Gashi, LandlordsNY


  • Carmelo Milio, President of Trion Real Estate Management
  • Gabriel Troncoso, CPM & Regional Manager of The Domain Companies
  • Stephanie Watkins, Watkins Property Management
  • Margie Russell, NYARM Director & Manager at United Metro Energy

1:30 - 1:45: Wrap up and Raffle of TWO $1000.00 Amazon Gift Cards!

1:45 – 3:00: The Fun Continues!

LandlordsNY Expert booths remain open and so is the LandlordsNY bar. Grab a signature LNY orange drink as you continue to network with your peers, Experts, and LandlordsNY staff. This is also a good time to go over any paperwork you may have brought for our Experts to review.


New World Stages

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